Price List

Carpet Cleaning

Title Price
3 room’s $80.00Lounge dinning room classed as two rooms
Additional rooms $25.00 per roomStains and or heavily soiled areas can be charged $10 per room
Stairs $25.00 per stair case
Hall ways $15.00 per
Lounges $25.00 per seating position
Mats From $5.00 to $20.00
Dining Chairs $12.00 per seat
Fabric Protection $35.00 per room
$15.00 per sitting position
Mattress cleaned and sanitized $40.00Single
$95.00 King & Queen Size
Pest Treatment ants cockroaches spiders $180.00Internal and External general treatment
$99.00Internal or External General Treatment
$99.00Move out Pest
$120.00Internal and External Flea treatment
$60.00Internal or External Flea treatment
From $80.00Rodent Treatment