Cartledge is a residential and commercial fabric protection services Brisbane. We specialize in pets control, upholstery cleaning and fabric carpet cleaning services. Our professional and experienced cleaners know how to remove deep stains from carpet and convert your mind numbing home and office into a mind blowing one.

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A beautiful collection of furniture gives personality and solace to your home’s inside. It is something or other that make your room more beautiful and improve the general magnificence of the home. Dust, stains, food crumbs, germs, and blemishes can give a messy look to your upholstered furniture. Whether it’s your home or office, make your visitors, companions, clients, and employees feel welcome and esteemed by having very much watched over the upholstery.

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Cartledge Cleaning offers a wide variety of treatment methods with the best equipment, products, and methods available.

Whether it’s your home or office, pests can pose a genuine risk to your loved ones. Pests can leave painful and harmful nibbles on your relatives. They can bring diseases and infections into your home or office. They can spread germs by eating household food. Pets can harm your home and destroy plants and flowers.

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Bathrooms Cleaning‏

If a bathroom has not been properly disinfected, a great many germs and microbes are sneaking undetectable on doorknobs, ledges, sinks, and toilet fixtures. People exposed to grime from bathroom can contract illnesses like the common cold, stomach flu, E. coli, hepatitis A, and Staphylococcus. So it’s extremely important to clean your bathroom consistently.

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Kitchen Cleaning

At Cartledge Cleaning, we are specialists in residential and commercial kitchen cleaning. We provide all type of kitchen cleaning services in Brisbane and surrounding regions. Whether it’s home, restaurant, cafe, hotel, canteen or any other kitchen, our professional and experienced cleaners are proud to provide you the best service every time.

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Rooms Cleaning‏

Instantly book professional, experienced and qualified room cleaning services in Australia

No matter what’s the room and how dirty it is, all Cartledge Cleaning cleaners are vetted professional so you can get the top quality room cleaning service every time. We clean your drawing room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, common area, and any room you want us to clean.

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